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The original of the spaniels

Pointing Dogs

Original Name : Epagneul Français

Tipo : Braccoid

Tamaño del macho : 22-24 cm

Tamaño de la hembra : 21½-23¼ inches

Grado de cuidado :

País de origen : France


Balanced, frank, calm and docile, French Spaniels are enthusiastic when it comes to hunting, sociable with other dogs and ideal companions in all circumstances. Dogs of this medium-sized breed are elegant and muscular, with well proportioned bodies that exude the appropriate energy and hardiness. Strong-boned without being heavy.


Carried proudly, without heaviness but not excessively lean, with well defined contours.



Lean, well defined, broad withers, broad powerfully muscled loins, which are not too long, broad, rounded croup, which slopes harmoniously out of the loins, without visible bone structure, large chest.



White and brown with medium spotting, sometimes predominant, with irregular patches, slight or moderate flecking and not excessive roan. The brown varies from cinnamon to dark liver.



Well set back at eyelevel. Fringing more or less long and wavy.


Cola +

Carried obliquely, curved downward at the base and more or less upward at the tip.



Long and wavy on the ears, the rear of the legs and the tail, flat, silky and well furnished on the body, smooth and fine on the head.


French Spaniels are descended from bird dogs described by Gaston III of Foix Beam, a French count who wrote a tone on hunting in the late 14th century. These medieval dogs are thought to be the original stock of all hunting spaniels. Selective breeding produced the elegant, athletic dog with a firm point so successful in working trials today. The first standard was drafted by James de Connick in 1891. It has been revised several times in the meantime as the breed has evolved, most recently in 2009. French Spaniels are outstanding pointers that are also great retrievers.

¿Sabías que?

French Spaniels are passionate hunters that find and point with great aplomb and even have a talent for retrieving.


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