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South Russian Shepherd Dog

Bearish but dedicated

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Yuzhnorusskaya Ovcharka

Tipo : Lupoid

Otros nombres : Yuzhak

Tamaño del macho : At least 25½ inches

Tamaño de la hembra : At least 24½ inches

Grado de cuidado :

País de origen : Russian Federation


South Russian Ovcharkas are robust animals of above average size. Especially distrustful of strangers, these really very undemanding dogs find it easy to adapt to different climates and temperatures.


Elongated, with a fairly broad forehead. The stop is barely visible. The nose is big and black.



The withers are discernable but not too high. The back is straight and strong. The loins are short, broad and rounded. The chest is fairly broad, slightly flattened and deep.



Mostly white, although white and yellow, straw, grayish (ashen gray) and other shades of grey are permitted, as are white sparingly marked with gray and gray speckled.



Relatively small, hanging ears in the shape of a triangle.


Cola +

Set fairly low, hugging the contours of the sloping croup. The tail is long enough to reach around the hock.



Long (4-6 inches), coarse, thick, dense and slightly wavy. The length is the same on head, limbs, chest and tail, with well developed undercoat.


Yuzhaks are robust, lean dogs with a massive bone structure and well developed musculature. The sexes are very distinct from each other. The males are braver, more powerful and more solidly built than the females.While they may look like big Russian bears, South Russian Shepherd Dogs are actually working dogs with a whole bunch of talents to draw on. They are famed for their natural instinct to protect people and property with force and courage. They are also known for being very active. All told, these full-fledged utility dogs are strong, well balanced, lively and dominant, practicing an active form of defense.

¿Sabías que?

Looking like good-natured bears, Yuzhaks are unrivalled guard dogs that will not allow strangers to pat them and are uncompromising when it comes to protecting the property and people on their watch.


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